Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup A - Remote Control



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The Octonauts’ remote-controlled Gup-A!

Suitable for all sorts of rescue missions, the Gup-A will always get you where you need to go! This remote-controlled Gup puts the action in your hands! Drive the Gup forward to race to the rescue or spin in reverse when you need to double-back to a location! The Gup-A fits most of the Fisher-Price® Octonauts™ figures (sold separately) so you can collect the whole crew and complete more exciting missions! Includes Gup-A and remote control. On the television show the Octonauts’ missions take place in the water, but this Gup-A toy needs to stay on land. It is not intended for water play.


  • Get ready for exciting new adventures with a remote-controlled Gup-A!
  • Remote allows you to drive the Gup forward or spin in reverse!