Plush Buddy Torch



Full Moon’s first-ever plush toy! Standing at twelve inches tall and huggably soft, the “Plush Buddy” series begins with a horrifically cute re-imagining of Blade, the iconic puppet from Band’s tent-pole franchise Puppet Master. Previously teased to fans with an appearance in the GrindhouseFlix original film, Blood of 1000 Virgins starring Playboy Playmate Nikki Leigh, Plush Buddy Blade and Torch appeals to toy collectors of every age and gender, portraying a softer side of the classic character while tapping into the aesthetic sense of kawaii Japanese pop culture and the animated creations of Tim Burton. Plush Buddy Blade comes with a collectible hang tag featuring character art and personality stats, and is available now!

Personality: Hot-headed
Hobbies: Burnin' Rubber
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs

With a fiery temper and his trusty flamethrower, Torch tends to burn bridges. His only friend is Smoulder, a baby flame who knows how to take the heat. They're sure to make anyone hot under the collar!

Also available:  Plush Buddy Blade

** GoatNation is the Australian distributor of Full Moon merchandise **