Cyclops 1:1 Scale (Limited Edition Replica)



Brand New Limited Edition Puppet Master Replica

Cyclops, the one-eyed puppet, first introduced in Retro Puppet Master.

For the first time only, and limited to 200 pieces each worldwide, Full Moon Playthings proudly presents the 1:1 scale Movie Accurate Puppet Replicas.

Each puppet is handmade, every stitch of fabric is tailored to a perfectly scaled 1:1 reproduction of the original rod puppet used in the Iconic Film Series PUPPET MASTER.  Each replica is numbered and comes with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity.  Also included, a handsome display base.

Here are the most painstakingly accurate reproductions of the PUPPET MASTER characters ever, fully authorised and guaranteed to be the centrepiece of your collection.

Please Note:  Replicas pictured are prototypes and the final product may vary slightly.  Fabrics are subject to availability, and may be substituted with a comparable fabric.  Clothing is not meant to be removed.  As these products are handmade and hand-painted there may be small variations in the construction and the paint-job.  Each replica is an individual and unique collectible.


** GoatNation is the Australian supplier of Full Moon merchandise **