DC Bombshells - Holiday Wonder Woman Statue




Have no fear, Wonder Woman is here, to spread holiday cheer! And if you're all good boys and girls, maybe you'll find a special gift from Wonder Woman in your stockings this year! Only Wonder Woman probably doesn't spy on children to find out if they've been bad or good - she uses her lasso of truth, obviously. And instead of coal, she gives the baddies a big old dose of justice!

The DC Comics Bombshells: Wonder Woman Holiday Statue depicts Wonder Woman as imagined in the style of 1940s pinup/nose art, with some timely holiday flair. She stands at just over 10.5 inches tall, and is ready to dish out justice, and holiday cheer. As designed by Ant Lucia and sculpted by Tim Miller, the DC Bombshells Statues are beacons of strength, integrity, and all that is right. Start your collection today, and break this one out with the eggnog and mistletoe!

Product Specifications 

  • DC Comics Bombshells: Wonder Woman Holiday Statue
  • Officially-licensed DC Comics sculpture 
  • Designed By Ant Lucia 
  • Sculpted By Tim Miller 
  • Limited-Edition Holiday Version 
  • Dimensions: Approximately 10.5" tall